Welcome to the future.
The all-new Audi A8.

The Audi A8 is the embodiment of our forward-thinking approach. It has initiated a new design language, a new operating concept and a new level of quality. The A8 represents the future of the luxury class.


Moving forward with ease

Once again, the all-new A8 sets the benchmark with its light-weight construction. Its new multi-material Audi space frame (ASF), is the modern incarnation of the system that revolutionised premium vehicle construction when it was unveiled in the original Audi A8. The unique combination of aluminium, steel, magnesium and carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) gives it 30 percent greater rigidity for unparalleled agility and increased driving comfort.

This is how the future feels

Traditional elegance in the A8’s superbly finished interior, melds seamlessly with the latest technology to create the perfect synergy of comfort and functionality. Intuitive in operation, the A8 employs touch screens to control a vast array of vehicle functions. The haptic and acoustic feedback gives this state-of-the-art technology a very ‘real’ feel, while reducing the number of buttons and controls required in the cabin. 

Many functions can be controlled via the latest speech recognition technology, recognising natural dialogues rather than relying on a databank of accepted terms.

Dynamic all-wheel steering

The optional dynamic all-wheel steering assists the driver with active steering intervention on the front and rear axles, giving the A8 manoeuvrability that belies its generous proportions. The vehicle’s driving dynamics are enhanced regardless of speed, but at low speeds, the steering effort for the driver is reduced and the vehicle’s turning circle made smaller by turning the rear wheels in the opposite direction. 

At high speeds, the steering angle at the front and rear axles steer in the same direction to improve stability around bends. for razor-sharp steering response.

More customised

A large number of settings are stored in your personal profile in the car, such as ergonomic, infotainment or suspension settings. These include the seat position, the position of the steering column and the position of the mirrors. Up to seven personal profiles can be created in the car, and the profile used most recently is assigned to the vehicle key upon getting out of and locking the car. When unlocking the A8, a personalised greeting appears in the Audi virtual cockpit and the settings are then loaded for the personal profile assigned to the vehicle key.

Elegance in a new light

With the optional multi-coloured ambient lighting package, the interior of the A8 uses advanced fibre optics to allow you to tailor a unique atmosphere. Enhancing the superbly finished interior, owners can choose from six predefined colour profiles, or create their own custom profile from a choice of 30 additional colours.